dinsdag 15 februari 2011

7" of the month club!

Once in a while a go through my 7”s and take the time to listen to some of them. I sometimes forget how awesome some of the 7”s are that I have. Here are some of my favorites:

But I like so many more!

Last weekend I played some of my “seven inch series”. Something I love about 7” series is that some of covers together form a bigger artwork like this one from Nofx:

I have plans of doing this too with some awesome bands. Whenever I have the time (and money, ghehe) again I'll try to start up a 7” of the month club. There are a lot of bands contacting me if I can put out a 7” for them and although I would love to help, most of the time I just can't. But maybe with this month club I can... We will see!
And it would be so awesome if the covers together make a big artwork! I have some great artists in mind, like "Michiel Walrave" (website) from the Netherlands. He really has a great style and I love about everything he does! Take a look at some of his work:

He also is the singer of the band “The Real Danger” and if you like Descendents you will love these guys: CLICK for myspace
I also like a lot of the artwork that is involved with The Real Danger. I recently got a t-shirt from my label partner Daniel (pictured above) and I love it, thanks! Here's my vinyl collection:

I got the testpress from their latest release “Making Enemies” for free with my order (thanks!!). This album is released by “Shield recordings” (Website) which is located in the Netherlands. They do a great job in supporting the Dutch punk/hardcore scene and some international bands. Some of the releases that I really enjoy from them are:

Antillectual – Start From Scratch LP

Everybody that likes Propagandhi should check this out. Listen to one of my favorite songs from the album below (this song has guest vocals from Chris Hannah from Propagandhi!) I can relate the the lyrics a lot. I"m skateboarding for a long time now and back then if you were a skateboarder you wasn't accepted at all! Nowadays you see skateboarding (and tattoos) everywhere!

Dead to Me – Wait for it 7”

Dead to Me made a great comeback with this 7” since there last full length “African Elephant” released on Fatwreck records.

Insane – Trust these hands...Are worthless cd

Fast punk/rock with a rough edge. Funny story is that I got their first cd for free one day, but I didn't bother checking it out, because the artwork was screaming “OI OI OI” at me. But then a friend of mine told me to check it out and I was really surprised!

BTW: if you like Swedish punk/rock like Adhesive, Venerea, Passage 4 etc, you should check out “Steve and the alcoholics”. Don't let the name fool you, because they make some fast quality punk/rock and ooh yeah, they are also from Sweden!


maandag 7 februari 2011

Satanic Surfers Collection

Just a follow up from the last post. Check out this awesome Satanic Surfers collecion from Dirk Temmink from The Netherlands (notice that he has an orange and an peach colored vinyl of Hero of our time):

He also has a nice Youtube channel with some great filmed live performances from "The Indescision Alarm", "Against Me", "Enemy Alliance", "Strung Out", "Ignite" and "Antillectual", just to name a few. Go check it out!


Punk/Rock nowadays?

Satanic Surfers – Hero of Our Time is considered as one of the best “skatepunk” album ever made among a lot of fans of the genre. And I am one of them! This album not only got me into punk/rock, but also takes me back to when I was in high school and I wanted nothing else to do besides skateboarding.
This album about “armless skaters”, “cowboy boots” and “standing up for yourself” might not include the best lyrics ever written. But the songs have great melodies, it’s easy to sing a long with, every song is good and get stuck in your head very easily!

I think that a lot of punk/rock records coming out nowadays don’t impress me as much as Hero of Our Time did and I sometimes wonder why that. Is it me or the music? Maybe I’m stuck in the 1900-2000 period where Lagwagon still plays fast songs, you can wear baggy trousers and every Epitaph records release was quality punk/rock. But I’m stubborn and I think that it’s not me stuck in time, but it’s the music nowadays that just isn’t as great as it used to be. There’re still a lot of quality releases, but there are not many releases that I could play every second of the day without wanting to skip a song.

Anyway, I have the Satanic Surfers – Hero of Our Time LP in my collection on 2 colors. One color is pink and the other I call “peach”. I don’t call it orange, because I believe there is another color that is more orange than the one I have. One day I’ll have it and I’ll take a picture of it to prove it!

This record is put out by the Belgian record label “Genet records” and I think it is limited to 1000, but I’m not 100% sure.

After many great releases Satanic Surfers unfortunately decided to 2007. But Rodrigo is back on the vocals in the band called Atlas Losing Grip! I was so stoked when I got the opportunity to press their EP Watching The Horizon on vinyl with Can’t Slow Down records! This release is limited to 250 on clear blue 10” vinyl and still is available in our webstore: http://cantslowdownrecords.bigcartel.com/

The songs can be streamed at their facebook page:

They’re also going on tour soon and have a new album coming up, so go check them out if they're playing near you. They'll rock your faces off! Check out a preview of the upcoming album here:

To end this message I would like to share some vinyl news that I’m pretty stoked about. One band that still rocks hard these days. Maybe not that often on stage anymore, but their music is still one of the best in punk/rock: Pulley will release a new 7”!!! Can’t wait to hear some new songs and expand my Pulley collection! There's not an official release date yet...


zaterdag 5 februari 2011

Nofx - Ribbed LP (yellow) for 12 bucks!

I would like to start this blog off with a big thank you for showing interest in this blog! You can expect a lot of news about vinyl releases, funny stories and interviews with vinyl collectors going trough their collection: “What is their favorite record?”, “What is their most prized record?”, “What is the first record they ever bought?” etc.

I personally think vinyl is the best format for listening to music. It’s more than just clicking the play button and listen to it. The fact that you have to go trough your collection searching for a record, getting the record out of it sleeve, on the record player and putting the needle on the record (“I put the needle on the record and play that song again!”, Bouncing Souls classic! ) makes listening to a record an experience that you can’t compare to your Ipod shuffle.

Vinyl collecting also is more fun, because there can be put a little extra to it. In the world of vinyl you can get a lot of different variants like: different colors, special silk-screened covers, hand numbered sleeves, heart shaped vinyl etc . One more limited than the other, which adds value to it! You can’t describe the feeling of having something that only a few in the world have the privilege of owning. You won’t find these extra’s when listening to mp3’s. The only thing extra you could get with your mp3’s is a virus.

One thing that I personally love from collecting records is that there is a story to almost every record! One of my favorite stories that I would like to share is how I managed to get an original copy of the classic album “Ribbed” from “Nofx” on yellow wax from 1991 (limited to 500):

A few years back when I just started getting interested in buying Nofx records I had a hard time getting a copy of “Ribbed” which is one of my favorite Nofx records. Back then this record was hard to come by even on black vinyl. I would have been so happy if I could get a black copy for a reasonable price. These were going for about $50,- on ebay and I was not willing to pay that much.
Back then I also was on the look-out for No Motiv / Choice – Split 7” and I found an old topic created on the No Motiv message board by someone that offered one for sale. So I contacted the person with an offer, which he excepted and I was really stoked to finally get this! Then he emailed me again asking if I was interested in buying a Nofx – Ribbed LP, so I was even more stoked. I offered him $12 for it and that was ok for him. He even thought that it was too much!
Meanwhile I was already joking to my friends that it might as well just be a yellow copy, but there was no way it could be! So after one week of waiting the package finally arrived. When I opened it and checked out the Ribbed record I was shocked/stoked and freaking out at the same time: IT WAS YELLOW!

The seller obviously had no clue what he sold. I emailed him a big thank you and played that record as loud as possible! This record still is one of my showpieces from my collection and probably will never leave the collection!

BTW: do you want to own a Nofx – Ribbed LP? “Epitaph records” recently repressed some classic albums on vinyl from bands like: Nofx, Bad religion, Bouncing Souls, Descendents, Dropkick Murphy’s, Offspring and more! Go check out the Epitaph records store.