dinsdag 15 februari 2011

7" of the month club!

Once in a while a go through my 7”s and take the time to listen to some of them. I sometimes forget how awesome some of the 7”s are that I have. Here are some of my favorites:

But I like so many more!

Last weekend I played some of my “seven inch series”. Something I love about 7” series is that some of covers together form a bigger artwork like this one from Nofx:

I have plans of doing this too with some awesome bands. Whenever I have the time (and money, ghehe) again I'll try to start up a 7” of the month club. There are a lot of bands contacting me if I can put out a 7” for them and although I would love to help, most of the time I just can't. But maybe with this month club I can... We will see!
And it would be so awesome if the covers together make a big artwork! I have some great artists in mind, like "Michiel Walrave" (website) from the Netherlands. He really has a great style and I love about everything he does! Take a look at some of his work:

He also is the singer of the band “The Real Danger” and if you like Descendents you will love these guys: CLICK for myspace
I also like a lot of the artwork that is involved with The Real Danger. I recently got a t-shirt from my label partner Daniel (pictured above) and I love it, thanks! Here's my vinyl collection:

I got the testpress from their latest release “Making Enemies” for free with my order (thanks!!). This album is released by “Shield recordings” (Website) which is located in the Netherlands. They do a great job in supporting the Dutch punk/hardcore scene and some international bands. Some of the releases that I really enjoy from them are:

Antillectual – Start From Scratch LP

Everybody that likes Propagandhi should check this out. Listen to one of my favorite songs from the album below (this song has guest vocals from Chris Hannah from Propagandhi!) I can relate the the lyrics a lot. I"m skateboarding for a long time now and back then if you were a skateboarder you wasn't accepted at all! Nowadays you see skateboarding (and tattoos) everywhere!

Dead to Me – Wait for it 7”

Dead to Me made a great comeback with this 7” since there last full length “African Elephant” released on Fatwreck records.

Insane – Trust these hands...Are worthless cd

Fast punk/rock with a rough edge. Funny story is that I got their first cd for free one day, but I didn't bother checking it out, because the artwork was screaming “OI OI OI” at me. But then a friend of mine told me to check it out and I was really surprised!

BTW: if you like Swedish punk/rock like Adhesive, Venerea, Passage 4 etc, you should check out “Steve and the alcoholics”. Don't let the name fool you, because they make some fast quality punk/rock and ooh yeah, they are also from Sweden!


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